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Product Designer

Sole Contractor

Specialising in early stage Start-ups

Establishing brand guidelines and design system documentation are my most sought after skills and services. Other services include Brand identity, Website design, App or Mobile design, User research and Usability testing. Get in contact for more information!

" (She) developed the DnA Solutions website from only some concept ideas and blurb words I had put into a powerpoint!!!!!  An excellent job, on time, within budget and reflecting our requirements, a delight to work with.  Highly recommended."

Damian Roache

DNA Solutions

Flexible Deliverables

I am able to adjust my regular services to fit your needs for you or your company. Either if that's a simple wix template website or a full visual identity and webflow website, I can meet your needs!

Affordable Services

As I am in my early career, hiring me as a contractor is much cheaper than other Product design studios

Quality design

My passion for design ensures high quality. I approach all my designs by understanding the user and delivering simplicity and ease of use.

Efficient Delivery

100% of all projects were completed within or under project deadline.


Able to fit in smaller freelance gigs that are 1-2 days turn around


I have worked as a freelancer on and off since 2020 originally as a Graphic Designer. I have completed 6+ client projects before launching myself officially as a Sole Contractor. Outside of freelance and contracting, I have worked two internships both at start ups.


Client projects delivered within deadlines


Client Projects completed.

Get in touch!

Get in touch to enquiry about freelance or anything else. I love sharing my knowledge and talking to like-minded people! Expect a reply within 1-3 business days. For urgent or pending enquiries send me a message on my phone number.



Social Media

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  • Behance



Sydney, Australia

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